I have fine clients.

The following quotes are used with the authors’ permissions.

Amazing how much you find that no one else sees. Great work.
      —Landon Wallace
         Mr. Wallace’s comments are about my copyediting his book The Election.
         I also copyedited his first book, Come and Take It.

Camille DeSalme is the type of editor that most writers dream of: she is professional, she legitimately cares about whether you end up with a quality manuscript, and most importantly, she is good at what she does. You can specify exactly what services you need and you will get the very best of what you request. She is an editor that gets invested in you. She gets invested in your work. She gets invested in your future.
      —Aaron C. Richards
         Mr. Richards’s comments are about my copyediting his book Spies Vs. Monsters.

When I give you work, I can sleep at night.
      —Lauren Cleveland
         Owner of Envision Works (and Camille’s regular client)
         Marketing, Branding, Promoting

Thank you. I was beginning to think this book would not turn into what I was hoping for but after your edits I am beginning to believe again. Everything was just great.
      —Timothy Houge, Ed.D.
         Associate Professor of Elementary/Secondary Reading
         Director of NSU Reading Clinic
         Dr. Houge’s comments are about my copyediting his book Tutorin’ Tim’s Phonics.

Camille did a fantastic job in editing my book. I found her very easy to work with, a great communicator, and very proficient in her craft. She listens to what you want, clarifies the information, and then works her magic on your manuscript! She is very helpful in pointing out improvements in your written communication. If you are looking for someone who is an expert at editing, then Camille is your person!
      —Lauren Midgley
         Ms. Midgley’s comments are about my copyediting her book Successfully Failing at Procrastination.

Camille, OMG!! I am amazed at what you caught! . . . Thank you again. You did some incredible and very detailed work!
      —Linda Smarzik
         Ms. Smarzik’s comments are about my copyediting The Mind of Thuse!!

What a great job you did for me on March with Me. I appreciated how easy it was to work with you and how professional you were. The manuscript is now ready to go to the printer. Thanks!
      —Rosalie Turner
         Click here to read about Ms. Turner’s award-winning books.

I recently worked with Camille DeSalme on my new book Budgeting on a Dime: 10 Steps to Financial Independence. Her careful, comprehensive and clever editing greatly improved the manuscript.

She is detail oriented, offers fair pricing and delivers the job on schedule. I’m grateful to have met her and look forward to collaborating on my next writing project.
      —Diane Tegarden
         Ms. Tegarden’s comments are about my copyediting her book
         Budgeting on a Dime: 10 Steps to Financial Independence.

Thanks to my copy editor, Camille DeSalme. What a job she had correcting my spelling, even with spell check. Her talent is amazing. She was able to edit without changing my thoughts and points that I wanted to express in writing this book.
      —Marla Richter
         From Ms Richter’s book Fatology 101

Before I discuss Camille, let me tell you about me. I’m the president of the Keller Writers’ Association. I’m also a published author of eight books that have found success in the marketplace. That’s why I cherish Camille’s work. She makes my writing better.

When Camille has critiqued my writing, she has found mistakes that others in KWA have missed. That’s invaluable. If you can afford her services, I am confident you will find her work valuable. The real question is this: How can you afford not to hire her?
      —Tom Bulkowski
         Click here to read about his books on chart patterns and trading.

We’re so glad we found Camille! Not only is she a wonderful editor, she’s also a great person to work with.
      —A client who wishes to remain anonymous
         Her comments are about my copyediting for a large website.

Camille, you’re just awesome. You take steps—you follow up—to get items completed.
      —Connie Chase, Area Director, N2 Publishing
         Connie publishes LIFE – A Social Publication for Residents of Timarron.

As a crossword puzzle constructor, I have had need for a copy editor to verify my puzzle clues and answers. Crossword publishers (and solvers!) are extremely demanding, requiring concise, yet totally accurate, clues. Mistakes in tense and parts of speech cannot be made. When the puzzle is themed, the answers must be entirely consistent and parallel. Because of the brevity of the clues, this task is that much harder.

I used Ms. DeSalme’s services exclusively as copy editor for my crossword submissions. Between my creation and her editing, my puzzles have appeared in several different publications, including the pinnacle of crossword publications, The New York Times. I found her input accurate and extremely useful. I recommend her services to anyone interested in having a rigorous treatment applied to their documents.
      —John Duschatko, about my editing and beta testing his puzzles
         To see one of Mr. Duschatko’s puzzles—solved by Rex Parker—and
         commentary, click here.

It’s wonderful! You turned my gibberish into sense. You “propered it up” so that it flows and tells a story.
       —Sparkie Ray, about my editing her résumé
          P.S. Sparkie used this edited résumé when she applied for a job—and
          she got the job. Woohoo, Sparkie!

Thank you. I feel like for the first time in my life I’ve participated in a kind of synergy in my own conscious evolution.
       —Philip Virgil, scriptwriter and poet, about my help with his process

Was very professional and very detail-oriented; always sought clarification to ensure her work product would conform to expectations; delivered results promptly. Highly recommend!
       —Rustin S. Polk, attorney-at-law, about my editing his book
          Mr. Polk wrote Truth Behind the Lies: The Texas Guide to Bankruptcy.

Lady Camille Edit

Convicting to the grammatical gallows,
the puritanical, ‘punctuational’ pundit,
in a voice grave, to the hapless prisoner in the dock,
intoned, “crime heinous has been committed,
the venerated language of English,
butchered, dying nearly, a cruel death
Starved it is of commas, dots and dashes,
hyperventilating gibberish with its expiring breath,
for it to the syntactic scaffold you will go….”

Hearing the fervent plea of the doomed soul,
Lady Camille Edit, to the rescue rode.
Godmother fairy of all those who in good faith,
mistakenly transgression do commit,
etymological, phonological, linguistic.

Wave of her wand, fairy dust twinkled sparkly bright,
little symbols, those little marks that make writing clear,
settled, turning balderdash into superior prose.

Language arose, shaking aside the shroud,
proud and glorious, smiling in good health.
Disappointed, the puritanical pundit droned,
to the condemned prisoner, “you are free to go.”

Impassioned, vociferous were the thanks,
ardent was the gratitude, from the heart,
to a redeemer on her white charger,
the estimable Lady Camille Edit.

       —Maya Mahant, about my specific comments on her writing
                  and about my editing comments in general