“Camille, OMG!! I am amazed at what you caught! . . . Thank you again. You did some incredible and very detailed work!”

       Linda Smarzik
       Dean, Computer Studies and Advanced Technology
       Austin Community College District
       Ms. Smarzik’s comments are about my copyediting The Mind of Thuse!!.

Great post on copyediting fiction:

Please read this fun guest post on An American Editor. Amy J. Schneider details, with entertaining examples, some of what a copy editor does when editing fiction. And yes, I, too, edit fiction.

Reasons to hire a professional editor:

I won’t even try to say it better than this post on An American Editor does.

Even experienced writers, excellent writers, benefit from an editor’s input. My help gives you a second perspective and changes that keep your reader in your story.

What do I edit?

I edit almost anything written: books (fiction and nonfiction), blogs, websites, and marketing materials. I’ve edited crossword puzzles, e‐mails, labels, and notes for a sales pitch. Clients tell me I maintain their voice and style.

You define the specifics. If you only want commas checked, that’s all I do. If you want the whole enchilada, you get it.

What’s the whole enchilada? I check for duplication, inconsistencies, and confusing or awkward phrasing. I correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I edit in US English; I understand anything outside “proper English” that suits the purpose of your work should remain as is.

In general, I check formatting of quotations, accuracy of titles and names, and some facts, but I leave it to the author to be the expert on the book’s subject matter.

For problems with clarity, flow, and readability, I comment or I correct the problem by rewriting short segments of text.

I don’t check website links, due to the risk of ransomware.

I’m not a copywriter—I don’t create your copy or text from scratch.

The Chicago Manual of Style is one of my favorite resources.

Estimates are free, and editing samples are here.

For a quick estimate, see the Fees page and calculate your estimate based on the number of 250-word pages in your Word-format manuscript.

Or you can send me the following:

1. Your entire manuscript: I edit in Microsoft Word using Track Changes so you can easily
    see, and accept or reject, my edits; if your work is in another format, let’s talk

2. If your manuscript is not finished, indicate that and send it and the hoped-for word count
    of your ready-for-editing manuscript

3. The level of editing you want—see “You define the specifics,” above

4. Your preferred deadline, which may affect the fee

If I think I’m the right editor for you, I’ll return an estimate. If I think otherwise, I’ll let you know.

An important note:

I keep the details about you and your work confidential unless you give me written permission to discuss them. Or unless it seems something illegal or dangerous is actually happening or threatened.